Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hidden And Unheard at OWS

Before I stop at Zucotti park I always walk on Wall street to remember that slaves built that wall on this famous Wall street to keep the Lenape Indians.  

As many inquisitive, outraged, disgusted souls traverse across Zucotti Park it's important to remember that it's sacred ground.  No matter how much the residents may scream about the "noise" of the war drums and simply object to the masses revolting against the tyranny of unchecked corporate greed, the. voices of the first oppressed people, the Lenape Indians go unheard.  Their graves go unmarked. On that spot may have been a burial ground but we will never know it.

I have been coming to OWS since September 19th.  Much has changed since that first day I sat on the steps and spoke with protesters who have reached their limit with the direction our government and thus society has taken.  From the first moments there I always honored the ancestors and spoke up for the missing Lenape Indians who don't have their names etched anywhere on the streets of that old trail they established which we now call Broadway on this isle once known as "Manahatta", land of many hills which were flattened to expand this city by leaps and bounds.

As all eyes are on the famous Wall Street the mission to put a visual image of the actual building of that wall is what is missing. Slaves built this wall to keep the Lenape out. It's time to make Wall street accountable for the current and past tyranny. 

I'll post more tomorrow folks.  In the meantime, when picturing that famous street, contemplate what's beneath.