Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wall Street Trickery

Day after day, the corporate owned media is impossible to ignore entirely. In fact, one must work overtime to look beyond the fluff they show today. Consistently they show us nonsense after nonsense about dogs, cats, sports, corporate owned celebrities espousing nonsense. In between the nonsense, there are commercials and ads galore all over the place and they seem so bright and cheery yet the truth is sinister. Each time we buy these items, we don't ask where the profits go. We don't follow the money. We don't pay attention to the details and the media ensures that we're properly pacified and distracted. Therein lies the sinister rub. When we buy, we might as well be buying into our demise. The profits are used by Wall street to fund D.C. It's important for many to understand that Wall Street and D.C. were built for FREE on Ethnically Cleansed land. At Occupy Wall Street, far too many didn't want to face this fact or deal with it. To put those products on the shelves, they have to manufactured somewhere and by someone. The true history and details of how Wall street came to be, how the banks and corporations of that time came to be is not a story many want told. They cannot face the truth as it is frightening. They'd rather close their eyes and hope this all just goes away. I'm one of the many who've been laid off for years with no job prospects except holiday seasonal work. For me it's been five years. Five very long tedious years after working for selfish, boorish corporate types. The last job was for a CEO of an industrial manufacturer who is for sure going to hell on an express elevator in gasoline soaked shorts and quite proud of it. I do believe he will be giving tours in the 10th level of hell. In the face of permanent unemployment, many have the time to think back to their days of working and see the remarkable difference to life now. They see the effects on their kids, their neighborhoods, their health, etc. After unemployment ends, they must face real realities of something called welfare. Such a loaded word isn't it? To apply for food stamps is not nearly as dark and low a day as when you have to apply for cash assistance to do things like buy toothpaste, soap and things of that nature or pay for electricity and so on. In those dark days of applying for welfare, you are officially a criminal. You are fingerprinted, your background checked for criminal activity and you are treated as a captive. Not that the loss of unemployment insurance is enough with a letter to prove it is, they must visit your home and assess you. It used to be worse. view the movie "Claudine" to see how bad it was. Still, a team of at least two must come to your home and the first question they ask is "do you have a dog", eyes bulging out of their hear in fear for their lives. Then, with college education, work experience and willingness to work, you are assigned to "Back to Work" classes. In those classes, many new people are forced to sit there all day long to hear about how to find a job. If you don't show up, if you're late, you must show up to the front office and hope they won't kick you off. If you have an interview you must turn in paper work to prove this in time otherwise you will be kicked off the program and your little bit of cash is cut off and you must reapply. The front desk workers take a sadistic delight in holding your fate in their hands and the day they push you over the financial cliff is pure pleasure. They get a high off of it. The "instructors" in these back to work classes are also like experts in prison torture. You are subjected to all sorts of nonsense, ridiculous conversations, insults that could incite violence. The lack of maturity from them at times is life threatening. There are bars on the windows in these places and only one door. If they trash the wrong person there's only one way out. Then in those places, the newly criminalized unemployed speak of Clinton and NAFTA and his welfare reform. During the time the Democrats tried to keep the votes of ill informed White working class voters, they destroyed welfare. Simultaneously, Clinton signed the NAFTA agreement allowing corporations to ship manufacturing jobs overseas. This is the main reason why you never hear anyone in politics speak of the poor. The POOR are People Off the Oligarchs Radar and many in the know despise Clinton. What's never been discussed openly is the corporations and banks love of free labor as a tradition. Chase, AIG, Citibank, Brown Brothers Harriman, NY Life, MetLife, Brooks Brothers, CSX, Gannett Publishing just to name a few all began with FREE Labor. New York City and first New Amsterdam were built on FREE LABOR. The very wall on Wall eand Wall street itself were built on FREE LABOR. Trinity Church was built for FREE by Captive Africans used as FREE Labor and they REFUSE to release the records and names of the victims forced into enslaved labor so that descendants can celebrate their memory and ease their transition into the afterlife. So, where do the candidates get their campaign financing, how are they selected and presented for election to the bamboozled and misled public and how is that money flowing to their hands? Well, if you haven't noticed already, there is one type of drug store ALL over the place. They have been on the intersection of Duane and Reade Streets for years and still are and these stores overrun the place. About 20 years back I could find at least 3 different pharmacy type stores on Nassau Street, West Street and Fulton street. Now this one store is like a supermarket now similar to another big store like Walmart, Kmart, Target and large superstores. See that seemingly innocent purchase you make for much needed things for daily living and self care? That's where they reap the profits. Each one of those products is part of a major corporation that usually uses a portion of profits to join draft legislating organizations like ALEC for one, but there are others that use the profits you generate at the local stores and turn it right around to harm us. They trade stocks on Wall Street and take a shine to ringing that bell in the building that stands on what was once a slave stockade on ethnically cleansed land. They happily bust unions and use another government enforced welfare reform tool called WEP- Worker's Experience Program where the unemployed get to work for the Parks Department or Department of Sanitation for free and clean up the parks, subways, make photocopies in offices. Daily in that Back to Work class you are yelled at about the absolute necessity to perform WEP services. Once again, supervisors in offices are like slave overseers if they so choose. Some of the people there have seen jail time so they say things like "just do your time and it will be okay". A stern explanation of te circumstances gives clarity but also creates enemies. Instantly they realize that people you wouldn't normally see are there now. They close ranks in little hamlets of WEP offices in parks, beaches and train stations, unable to relate. So now comes the bullying from people who are afraid and from me they get tales of the Haitian revolution where captive African warriors tore the place up. Tales of abused free laborers, held captive under conditions of terror were so fierce, they had the streets of nearby Zucotti Park even torn up. Their captive cousins would wait for tales from the ships of White Haitian Refugees pulling into the ports of New York, being held together by free labor, with tales that lit up every African descendent across the city, out to Long Island and on to New Jersey an further on from there. It also scared the hell out of the captors. Slavery didn't end in this region until 1827. The streets surrounding Wall street filled with taverns of angry Whites, disgusted with the captives for having the nerve to want to be free. And what of the Lenapi Lennai? Not a word huh? The WEP workers start competing for jobs that may come to fruition if they show how well they perform. Paid workers tend to treat WEP workers like garbage. Condescending, rude, as though you are a slave. None of this is spoken of in the speeches and declarations about the middle class on the tony offices of the NY TImes, or the Daily News or the Post, or the slick sets of political shows. They speak of the middle class but never this true reality. The sinister part is when they break for commercial. Those products advertised generate income and some of it is used to maintain this reality. What is it that you buy on a regular basis that couldn't be made elsewhere. Corporations like to build brand loyalty but there's no loyalty to you whatsoever. That profit you generate at the local store is feeding this monster on wall street that's connected to D.C. We cannot drink the water in many places because corporations get their way in the legislature. People who are experts on unemployment, on welfare, on healthcare don't speak to us, they speak to each other and to politicians in D.C. Many are scholars who don't particularly care for the masses of POOR on the ground going through hell. In order to enlighten and inspire you must first care about those people. This means that if you are stuck in unemployment hell, on welfare it's time to stop giving your power away to leaders who work for the oligarchs. The scholars in universities globally are now under the control of corporations who own and control the schools of business, science, technology, humanities, etc. and if they don't like what you're saying, they toss you out and end your career. Let's take a look at what England was doing with the long term unemployed a few years back- they were working for McDonald's and Tesco's a food store, for FREE. Here is the most sinister part about corporations, their ability to harness economic power from our purchases and use them against us - corporate prisons are now courting major manufacturers to bring the jobs back - to the prisons where labor is .25 cents to .93 cents an hour! No unions, no wages, no OSHA, no labor laws, no Unemployment insurance and a prison force who can't fight back. Once they're out of prison there's nothing for them but to return. I see groups of Middle Class people enraged at the thought of items 'made in China' but they cannot conceive that their city was made for free, cleared by genocide. They don't want to know that George Washington sold the labor of Indentured Europeans dragged out of debtors prisons on the same auction blocks as New York City. If all the major banks and institutions were built on free labor, why would they want to pay anyone now? Want to make them listen? Leave their products to rot on the shelves, make your own and barter. You have power. You just don't realize it. Wall Street and D.C. work actively to ensure you NEVER know this. Peace ya'll!

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